our mission

living with a chronic illness could be overwhelming and frustrating. but the quality of our life is upon us. we want to democratize healthcare and empower patients with proper tools in order to redefine the patient experience and give them the chance to increase the quality of their lives. patients with diabetes are ordinary, normal people just like anybody else. with proper disease management they can live a fulfilling and perfectly normal life. our mission is to constantly develop with these patients to provide the perfect tools for them.

the team

levente szasz


botond balint


steve sudy


zoltan beke


balazs gollner


gergely boromissza


daniel vegh


csaba varga


zsolt papp


peter vancso


nora gaspar


laborom is developed by first class developers with the help of healthcare professionals and patients. we have thousands of co-developers as users, become one of them: start using laborom now and help us improve by giving your feedback!

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