Laborom Gets Pumped: Exciting New Features!

Since the release of the 2.0 version of laborom in September we spent a lot of time listening to your feedback and implementing changes that were important to you. There were many incremental changes that we made, but we also prepared some new features to the system on the way to becoming the go-to app for people living with chronic diseases like diabetes.

Here are some functions we have added to laborom v2.1:


The Infobox appears as a new card on the dashboard where we provide you with various up-to-date information about health related topics, features and updates.

Automatic reminders

This was probably the most requested feature through the Help Center in laborom. From now on, once you enter a before-meal blood glucose reading you will get a reminder in 75 minutes to measure and record your BG again.

One more thing…

Share the love <3

We thought you might want to tell other people how much you love laborom, so we made it easier for you. :) Just open the menu in the app and hit share on the bottom to show us your support. Thank you!

Thanks for staying with us and we’ll keep you posted on important releases; which actually you can now see in your app in the Infobox as well.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

You can download laborom for Android and iOS here:

Great Conversations At The First Beating Diabetes With Technology Meetup

Talk about ways to change the future of diabetes with technological advancements filled the room even before the meetup kicked off. In fact it was already the subject of the elevator ride to the 6th floor of the prestigious Paris Department Store building in downtown Budapest, where the event took place.

Even though this was only the first in a series of meetups about beating diabetes with technology (#BDTech) already 80 people showed interest in this topic. A great mix of people from all different angles showed up to discuss the ever-evolving theme of needs and solutions in monitoring, management and therapy in diabetes. Attendees included hardware manufacturing company and local market leader in glucose monitoring devices, innovative pharmaceutical companies, patients, advocates, bloggers, developers and last but not least doctors.

The conversation was kicked off by Levente Szasz, CEO of the company creating digital diabetes diary application laborom, who is also one of the organisers of the first meetup. Levente talked about why it is important to talk about possible technological advancements in diabetes management and their plans about expanding the meetup into an international series. He also introduced their recently rebuilt application. “This was a great opportunity for us to talk with stakeholders from various sides and get their input on the direction we are heading with laborom”, Levente noted. “We received some invaluable input that we will hurry to implement as soon as possible” he added with a smile.

Dr. Daniel Vegh, also an organiser of the #BDTech meetup and founder of DYA Europe and IDB (Youth Diabetes Blog and Movement / Ifjúsági Diabétesz Blog és Mozgalom) – a blog and a movement to support youngsters going through the same problems Daniel had being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19 – followed by giving tips on how to get involved with diabetes communities and how to activate patients to become their own innovators. Daniel is also the founder of the first Hungarian football team for people dealing with diabetes, aptly called FC DiaBeaters. “When laborom approached me to co-organise this meetup series I was really enthusiastic about it and now I’m really happy that so many people were interested in our first occasion.” Daniel said. “It is great to see so many people and companies alike wanting to be part of the change and the community that can help make this change come alive. After all, this was one of my goals when I started IDB. And I guess this is the part where I add that we are looking for people who would like to organise chapters of this event in their local community. “ Daniel added.